Our mandate is flexible and rooted in the partnership with sellers
We can commit to timely deal completion in complex situations
Transparency and partnership constitute core of our approach

The largest European producer of cling film and other food-contact ecological films.

  • Closed in March 2021;
  • 110 mln zł of sales;
  • 100% leveraged buy-out;
  • Succession deal.

Perfect Door

A leading Polish manufacturer of interior doors and door frames.

  • Closed in October 2022;
  • 150 mln zł sales in 2021;
  • Buy-out of 100% shares with capital injection;
  • Financial and operational restructuring deal.


A leading European producer of advanced prefabricated 3D structures for modern construction sites. 

  • Closed in June 2023;
  • 80 mln zł sales;
  • 100% shares leveraged buy-out;
  • Succession deal. 


A leading process outsourcing specialist.

  • Closed in April 2024;
  • 120 mln zł sales in 2023;
  • Buy-out of 100% shares.

Investment Strategy

Our flexible and creative approach allows us to capture value various situations and industries. 


Sector Focus

obszary działalności

Investment Criteria

  • A profitable and healthy operational core business or a clear path to profitability.
  • Adequate scale of operations to justify the size of our investment.
  • Strong business foundations embedded in a competitive advantage, quality of staff, competitive position or strong internal know-how.
  • Potential for further development of the scale and value, either through acquisitions of competitors, expansion of production capacity, improvements or foreign expansion.